About Me

The short

Thanks for checking out my little blog. My name is Coley and I am a 3rd generation Californian, a Photoshopper by trade, crafter by night, a closeted punk, and full time animal lover. I eat organic, vegan, homemade food. I am mostly gluten-free. 

The long

I had done plays since Elementary School, and after High School I studied acting in New York at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. I moved back to California, and quickly found that my passion for acting wasn't seeing the light of day. Because I was auditioning, which isn't acting. 

While I was getting frustrated on that front, I was increasingly getting attention for my creative designs and clothes. I sold my re-fashioned t-shirts and skirts to boutiques around Southern California. I started making appliqued hoodies, put them on Etsy, sold them to friends, and friends of friends. 

Then in 2008, after the financial collapse, everything slowed... so I just trudged along in my office job. In 2010, I got married to an aspiring writer/director. Of course, I made a bunch of details for the wedding, and our photos were featured on several blogs and a magazine. My Etsy shop became a wedding decor shop. Then, at a certain point, I got sick of rolling petal cones from old book pages, scanning them for racial epithets (yes, it's happened more than once). I slowly let my Etsy items expire.

I'm just waiting for the next thing I do to take hold somewhere. In the meantime, this is my blog. I tend to be pretty acerbic in person, so if my blog seems watered down it's just because I'm editing out that tendency.

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