Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scalloped and Banner Photoshop Brushes

I was inspired by the last post to create a few brushes that can be used for scalloped edges.

Download Brushes
(link will take you to MediaFire to download the goodies)

More info on installing and utilizing these brushes after the jump.

<EDIT> If you need help, email me at, rather than leaving a comment.

After you download the brushes, follow these instructions on installing them. 

Once you have them installed, you have to take one more step to ensure you get the most out of your new brush set. Most "settings" for brushes can be saved or "locked", but as far as I can tell, "Brush Tip Shape" cannot. For this reason, you will need to do the following each time you toggle back to the scallop brushes:

In Photoshop> Window> Brush
This will open a new window (below). Select the scallop brush you with to use.

Under "Brush Tip Shape", adjust the spacing to 90%. This will create the gaps in the scallop. You can change this so the scallops are closer or farther apart, but I have found 90% for these brushes is good. 

You will probably want to decrease the Size of the brush while you are in here. I made the brush large so it could accommodate bigger projects, but for most of us, around 300 px will be more than enough.

New Step: The brush won't save the Shape Dynamics which allows the brush follow curves, so you will need to adjust that as well. Beneath Brush Tip Shape, click Shape Dynamics. Change the Angle Jitter to “Direction”. Also check off Smoothing.

You can lock these two settings by clicking the lock on the right side. That should save it 
for you next time. (Although you will have to do the previous step of the spacing and Y axis 
each time.)

Here's the tutorial to create the oval frame:

P.S. You might need to adjust the oval size or the scallop size to ensure the scallop goes all the round the oval in a uniform way.

MellowMint - inside frame textures and images
Fuzzimo - brown cardstock background
(Sorry, can't locate the origin of the white lines in the background)

For personal use only. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Can't download as I'm not a member of the download site :-(

~Coley said...

Sorry about that! I didn't realize they made you sign up to download them, what a hassle!

I revised the download link in the post, I tested it and there is no sign up required :)
To make it easier, I'm pasting the link here too:

Anonymous said...


Thanks ever so much for the download!

However, I followed the instructions but when I select "stroke path with brush", the scallop effect does not follow around the shape smoothly. It remains vertical and horizontal.

Did I miss a setting at all?

Many thanks

~Coley said...

Thanks for pointing that out! I didn't realize the brush didn't save the Shape Dynamics which makes the brush follow the shape smoothly. I revised the instructions with a new step about shape dynamics.

I appreciate your patience with this, it's my first time putting out a brush into the world :)

cindy said...

This tutorial is awesome. The brushes worked perfectly. Thank you so much for sharing them.

Lisa Crunkhorn said...

Hi, thanks for this. I've followed it to a T which follows the shape but I'm still getting weird clumps. My shape dynamics match yours.

If you could email me so I can send you a screen shot. I'm really hoping to resolve this so I can get it working around a heart shape.

~Coley said...

If you have an issue, I can try to help. Please email me at coleyclothing{at} I cannot access email through your profile.

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