Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY Stocking Stuffers

I made some stocking stuffers for the non-kids in my family.

Pinterest gave me some great ideas, including this "Neighbor Gift" from Dandee Designs. I combined that idea with another Pin, about how to get the Williams-Sonoma store smell from One More Moore. Rosemary grows in everyone's front yard in LA, so I gathered a few sprigs here and there on my walks with Maisie. Sprouts sells vanilla beans, and I dehydrated some lemon slices (without a dehydrator) using this tutorial from Heather's Dish. I got the cellophane bags at Target ($2 for 20) and printed up some labels. I'm also giving these to my co-workers. Here's to a lovely smelling home.

The other little gift I made was a "Cord Cuff" inspired by this DIY from Rambling Designs. The interior design company my mom works for had a plethora of this paisley fabric. I used it, as well as my grandmother's buttons, to make the cuffs. I figured everyone could use a little less clutter in the kitchen. 

Here's where my best DIY intentions took a turn for the unfortunate:
My intention was to make these dryer balls from Crunchy Betty's DIY. Yeah, that didn't go so well. I forgot the most important step, which was to put the balls in some knotted off pantyhose before washing them. I started off with 15 balls. I ended up with 8. The rest unravelled. I still have hopes to turn this sad pile of fail into some dryer balls for myself. Because apparently I was a depression era survivor in another lifetime, and never throw anything away. 

Happy Holidays! I hope your DIY gifts went better than you had planned :)

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