Friday, June 24, 2011

Mod Cloth's Lament

Big disappointment. As luxury problem disappointments go...

Mod Cloth had this beautiful dress that I saw after it had already sold out:

There was a short period when I was holding out hope that they would do a "re-printing", as this would be lovely to wear to a wedding in Portland I have coming up. But alas, no. This one is gone for-ev-er!

Looks like I'll have to make one myself. Luckily, I recently bought a vintage dress that I must have handmade for myself in a previous life. This thing has a simple bodice and fits me like a glove. So, I am going to use it as the pattern base for a slopper and try to recreate the "I Adorn You" dress.

More after the Jump...

I found this cute dress semi-tutorial from Petite Republic, which in turn is inspired by a Vivat Veritas dress. I am thinking if I can make the slopper, put in the open back/ keyhole shape, I can buy the main fabric in a color that compliments remnants I already have (which I will use for the fabric manipulation details on the bust). I'll also sew in bra cups, since a regular bra isn't an option with this dress. Should be easy, right?! Famous last words. This isn't the last word on this dress though. I'll post with my progress. I have to have progress now that I'm put this out in the internet ether. Any insights would be much appreciated :)

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