Thursday, June 16, 2011

19 foods you can't put in your stomach

A little bit of a stretch from George Carlin's "7 words you can't say on TV", but I didn't know what else to call this post. These 19 foods are the reason why I haven't posted recently. To optimize my health, I did a blood test from ImmunoLabs, which identified 19 foods I am "sensitive" to. It's not a regular allergy, I won't go anaphylactic or anything. It's more that I need to give my body a rest from the foods I eat most, let my intestines repair, blah blah! I'm just cranky because for 3 months, I will be a gluten-free vegan (I am already a vegetarian). Here's what I have to abstain from (listed in order of severity):


Cow's milkWheat

CheeseTomatoBaker's and Brewer's Yeast

BananaBarley, Kidney, Navy and Pinto beans, Malt, Goat's milk, Paprika, Cayenne pepper, Red pepper, Rye, Sunflower (this one is a bummer, because it's in so many things)

Needless to say, I have had to be creative with my meals. As part of the elimination diet, I have to rotate my foods, eating something only once every 4 days. This is a particular challenge. I am proud if I rotate foods every other day. It is just a lot of planning. 

I would like to look at this as an opportunity to cook more and try out new recipes. If you can believe it, there is a cookbook for gluten free vegans.

Here are a few recipes I've found online as well:

This blogger is commited! Gluten and Soy free vegan. I'm glad I'm not allergic to soy, although I avoid it as much as possible anyway:

Hope this inspires you to make something interesting, even if you don't have any food sensitivities.

Update: I made the Curry and Bean Burgers this weekend (with modifications to both based on what was available and what I could have). Both were wonderful! Too bad I have to wait 3 days to have the leftovers (because of the rotation diet).

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