Monday, April 2, 2012

Dress Form Facelift

I pine for a beautiful vintage dress form, or even just a proper one. My Joann-bought, adjustable form has served me well, it helps when making clothes for someone other than myself. It's just not so cute to look at, which is a problem since "she" lives in the hallway. I went ahead and recovered it... pretty easily. 

How-to after the jump:

You will need:
- A large white t-shirt (I used my husband's old shirt. The faded color will add to the vintage look)
- Pins
- Thread and a sewing machine
- Your adjustable dress form

Prep: Adjust the form to the size you will move most often. Since we are using an old t-shirt, the jersey will stretch so you will be able to remove it. Remove the top plate and put the t-shirt on the form inside out. Check to make sure it is long enough to cover the bottom. 

1. Find the center of the shirt and form. Pull the sides evenly and starting at the waist, pin the t-shirt very close to the form, completely enveloping the form with the shirt. Make your way all the way up to the neck. You may need to finesse the fit, to ensure a snug and smooth fit.
2. Sew together the pinned sides. I used a straight stitch, on the fine knit fabric machine setting.
3. Cut the excess fabric away.
4. Turn the "t-shirt"(it's really a cover now) right side out and fit onto the form. Tuck or pin any extra fabric at the bottom.
5. Replace the top plate, making sure it covers the ribbed neck hole. 

Enjoy your streamlined dress form :)

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