Monday, July 2, 2012

Wedding Card Folder

Two things... 1. My birthday present from my darling husband this year was a Silhouette CAMEO and so far, I'M LOVING IT! I have made cards, heat transfers, lettering for my scrapbook. And that brings me to point 2. I have been working on our "Engagement, Wedding and Honeymoon" scrapbook. I saved everything: the champagne label from the night we got engaged to the room key from the wedding night to the plane tickets to Kauai for our honeymoon. I also saved the cards. All of them. Engagement, Shower, Wedding. I thought I was going to put the cards into the scrapbook, but doing so made it more of a scrap "fan" meaning it wouldn't close. 

Then I saw this pin on pinterest about making a wedding card album. Perfect solution! Except many of my cards were odd shaped and intricate. Plus, my husband was worried about being able to open and read them with the ring in them. And lastly, I didn't want to punch holes in my lovely cards (I know, I'm nuts!) So I decided to take the basic idea of the card album, but adapt it for my own needs. 

What I came up with is a folder, like the plain ones people put their receipts in for taxes.... but cuter! I am planning on posting a tutorial soon, because I used this basic technique to make a mail "catch-all" at our entry-way. I used a Dover graphic for the design on the top and bottom. If you haven't already, I recommend signing up for their FREE samples, which they send weekly. They also have great royalty-free graphics for affordable prices. 

Bringing it back around, I used my new Silhouette to cut out the design and letters. I wanted the letters to show shadow, because I like the way the paper-cutting looks. I might have to glue them down soon though, they are a looking little loosey-goosey. 


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