Thursday, August 23, 2012

Halloween Costume to Sitting Tuffet

A few years ago... mere hours before Halloween, my husband decided he wanted to be Toad from "Mario Cart". One bean bag, a thrift store bed sheet, and a can of red spray paint later, we had a toad head. Over the years, he has continued to wear this costume in different forms. The pictured incarnation was "Gangsta Toad". 

Of course, between Halloweens, this bean bag has been taking up space in our apartment. We kept meaning to throw it away, but after all the work we put into it, it just never happened. 

Good thing, because I got inspired and covered the bean bag with some fabric I use for my banners. Now it resides by our fireplace, and makes the perfect sitting nook. It's so hot right now, but I am sure this will be a great reading place when it gets cooler outside.

I didn't take pictures of the process, but I just used the bed sheet to create a pattern, following the seams of the bean bag. At the bottom, I made a drawstring and closed the opening as tight as possible, and saftey-pinned a circle of fabric to cover any of the bean bag that was still showing. 

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